The Fall Into Silence……………by angie quinn


Breathe the space

That Silence offers

The moments in between the nothingness

Breathe the layers that lie below the

Blanket of invisibility.

These layers

That beg to open

To penetrate the veil

And bare the unspoken


Dive deeper, friend

Peel them, Strip them back

Let curiosity be your ears

Each layer imploding sequentially.

The internal domino energy

Exquisitely, innocently, wildly navigating its way

Deep into the revine of absolute



Listen intently

For the urgency of desire

Craved by the deathly quiet

Pleading ‘willingness’ to concede

Asking desperately for intimated permission.

The life force offers another inhalation

To the fall into itself

And it knows

There’s no availability for

Inauthenticity in this space.


This stillness

Ever so gently

Opening the wounds

With surgical accuracy

Exposing raw unfleshed out emotions

The light, the dark,

Shadows illumined by the courageousness

Of yes And

As the journey presents

Resistance and surrender

Both will give way to more of the same.

The latter, longing to lead

Invites further descent and

With sweet abandonment

Arrives, apprehensively hesitant. Still.

The landing tender in its touchdown

Reveals a rainbow of clarity.


The home of Knowing

The birthplace of your senses

The integrated self

Bleeding with the beauty of aliveness

The witness – the diligent observer

Feels ‘held’

Within the sacredness and

Declares the pilgrimage

Worthy ground for

Peace and solitude

All the while the voice of truth

Whispers ever so eloquently

To the Heart

I am the gift of silence

I hear you

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