Heading into the Light

Do you often find yourself feeling quite alone, depressed, stuck, almost trapped?

Do you feel like a victim of your own circumstances with no way out, no choice but to stay where you are? Does life have you on this constant merry-go-round and has it become a world of busyness or for some a world of procrastination and emptiness. Sound familiar? 

What is happening here is we have given away our power but we can’t yet recognise this at this point in time. Funnily enough, unbeknowns to us,initially we have made an unconscious choice to camp out in this space of confusion. It’s also where our Ego lives –  trying to keep us separate, small, defensive, in attack, controlling, resistant, guilty, judgemental….do I need to go on. Oh yeah I do….It is here where Fear lives and that’s what keeps us stuck. From here we begin to identify with an external world of chaos and uncertainty and confusion. We begin to align ourselves with roles, identities and definitions of ourselves. In searching for this so called identity and whilst seemingly trying to find ourselves we do the very thing we are trying to avoid…..We lose ourselves. 

I call this place of loss –  Struggle Street. Struggle Street is in the suburb of Victimville, down near the river in Egypt (Denial). Here you will also find the path of Self-destruction and some of your neighbours the “Saboteurs”. We soon become one big happy family. I will add here that you will only ever find this suburb outside of yourself. This is external world territory only. We get used to living here because everybody else has a similar story and it doesn’t make ours look that bad. You can also attract so much attention from others who want to keep you in your story to make themselves look and feel better. We can get really comfortable here and our surroundings become very familiar as we use the excuse “that’s life”.   We can make it mean too, that we don’t have to look any further, we can choose to just stay here because to change would be all too hard and it could actually be worse for a little while and the thought of that pain is a big hurdle to jump. Funny thing about Struggle Street is that there are no lights on but plenty of people home. We find ourselves seemingly with everything we thought we wanted,  surrounded by others, friends, family and we almost feel a sense of belonging, although coupled with a nagging aloneness as we continue to fumble our way around in the dark. 

During this period of darkness we are still asking for a better way, gold lotto or a miracle.

We have forgotten that everything we need is already within us. Our Higher Self no longer becomes our guidance. We often call on God as an external source or a higher power than ourselves for help. Because we ask and depending on whether or not we are aware at the time we get shown glimpses of the light. This first sign of light is offering us a choice. If we can find the strength or if we are in enough pain this will prompt us to move. These glimpses of light  are the signs and ways  that will lead us out of the darkness. Initially when a light is shone in our face it blinds us but if we are courageous to move through the light our eyes get used to the experience and we eventually catch glimpses of happiness, love, gratitude, peace, joy, forgiveness, abundance, trust and much more. We get given opportunities and experiences and we take them. We begin to drop our fear of the light, it no longer blinds us but leads us to a place where we see things much clearer and its here too that we understand what the darkness was for and why it was there – to show us the contrast.

We come to know and accept ourselves, to rediscover our truth, grow to our full potential – whatever that may be for us.  We no longer need an identity or to define ourselves. We go by the premise – “I AM”.  

The tears of despair that we once cried in the darkness no longer exist however we are happy to acknowledge where we have come from. Our newfound light that initially did blind us now becomes a safe place. Now when our eyes begin to water it is with tears of joy. Tears of  pure radiant love for ourself and for others. We begin to understand that the key to happiness is unconditional love and forgiveness of others and of self. Creativity and inspiration are abound and miracles and synchonicities are wonderous acts of love. PS. And they actually manifest……

Inner peace begins to reign as part of who we are. Coming from a place of peace and love becomes a natural extension of our true essence. In giving the gift of love we will receive love in an abundance of ways beyond what we thought was ever possible. Trust will come more naturally as we  learn to surrender to our internal world for it is here we find connection. Connection to Spirit – Connection to Self. 

When the light is at its brightest we will often cast our biggest shadows. Be not afraid to look for you will only find strength and courage to continue on your journey. You will find people on a similar journey to yours – friends, companions who are there to help you and support you and in turn you will be there to help others. You become conscious of your new consciousness. You will come from a place of peace that will change your perception of  the world if you allow it! 

So Take the step! Go forth! Shine your light brightly for all to see and become your truth!  Enjoy the journey of rediscovering your way home! It’ worth the ride.

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