Ask and you shall Receive

I love the power of this – one of my favourite mantras “ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE”. For the past number of yrs probably close to about 10 – 15 I have had miracle upon miracle happen because of my strong belief in the power of this prayer or mantra. I thank my beautiful mother for her faith in this prayer (you can call it a ‘saying’ if you’re not into prayer) and for as long as I can remember as a child she would always call on this one if she needed and instilled in me to do the same.

For so long I have thought I should write all these coincidences, synchronicities, miracles or whatever you like to call them down (and I never have initially probably thinking I would one day remember all of them) and not really understanding at the time that there would be far too many to achieve this. So, here I sit on this day recording them from here (hear) on in.  Apologies to all those I didnt write about previously however I can asure you I was forever grateful at the time of their fruition. Now though as I have learnt to let go of the outcome and to trust that what is presented to me will always be for my highest good they are much easier to recognise when they arrive. NB. It may not always be what I want but it will be what I need. At times I am not able to immediately understand however eventually the message gets through(usually when I stop ANALysing it). Aahhhh, what you resist, persists.

Note here that I am a very optimistic person. It is a big part of my personality. I am a glass half full person and it works for me.

So, the latest example of this is as follows:

I have recently spent time on Nth Stradbroke Island with some friends of mine. They are authors of the book “TAKE ME TRUTH: Undoing the Ego” – Tomas Vieira and Nouk Sanchez. They currently run workshops on this subject and are teachers of A course in Miracles. In June they are holding a 3 day workshop with Gary Renard (author – The Disappearance of the Universe) in Glastonbury in the UK. Because of my keen interest in this subject and these authors I was keen to attend. I was discussing this with hubby  over lunch today. There is much to consider when your wife wants to travel 3000km to go to a workshop (there’s gotta be a catch if you are a meremale, if you know what I mean). However, one of his comments was “Its a pity it wasnt in another country where you havent been so you get to see something different. good Call, that was positive, yep I agree and thought ok will look into that. And then came  “Lets just hope we sell the land – I think that meant well if we dont , then dont think about going at all – yeah actually thats what it meant. So immediatley I changed the subject as didnt really want to go down that track cause I am such a lover of “Law of Attraction” I just didnt want to invite any negativity into my wish. Oh god, though if you know anything about the law of attraction well that was too late so ok need to do some fast work to turn that around now. However, after he had left to go back to work I found myself looking at the complexity or ease of this actually coming to frutiion. First though, “Who am I to think I can fly to the otherside of the world to attend a workshop” followed by 2nd thought “Who am I not to” ( which completely blows my other fave mantra “First thought, Best thought” out the window, but will deal with that one in another blog. Then of course, came the subject of financing the trip and we won’t go there however I decided that now that I had planted the seed out there in the universe lets just see how it all unfolds. Within the hour, my thoughts were heading towards that book I will eventually write “A Quick Guide to Mothers Guilt”  and they went like this. OK, so hubby working, who will look after the kids? Ive just been back to London in ’07 and so maybe its a bit extravegant (first trip 1985 – single white female, aged 21yrs, Contiki Europe Tour – no real memory recall due to level of alcohol consumption at the time),OOPS!!! Its a lot of money to spend, etc etc. OMG!!!!Stopit, Just Stopit right now. OK. Ground yourself, girlfriend. right, I thought. I am gonna hand this one over. What I mean by that is this. Sometimes when we really want something we end up being and doing the very thing that stops it from coming to us. So I put the question to the Universe. In my case it’s the lap of the God’s but I’m not partial to whoever or whatever you want to call it – the Universe,Fate, Spirit, George, etc. I said’ “Ok God, if I am meant to go to Glastonbury, UK and if it is for my highest good then send me a sign. I will trust that whatever that is even if its not what I want to see or hear. I will promise to listen, Amen.” the second I did this I went downstairs to my office. I am currently writing apparently to put a book together and was wondering about how I do referencing and bibliography stuff. I grabbed the nearest book from the shelf and it happened to be “The Healing Power of Water – Dr Emoto” – Great read!!. I looked in the back to see how they did there referencing and there wasnt much to go on. I then thought Gee I havent read this for a long time and continued to open the book up at a random page. Lo and Behold!!!OMG!!!!Guess what the page said – “Chalice Well, Glastonbury”. There before my very eyes was 5 pages of writing on a powerful healing Well in Glastonbury. A full comprehensive guide on the history of Glastonbury. Say no more – IT LOOKS LIKE I’M GOIN’ TO GLASTONBURY!!!!! Thank you ! Thank You ! Thank You!. My heart is filled with gratitude for what is for my highest good. Believe in the law of trust – it will support you, forever and always. So, my friends, go forth ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!!!!

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