Laughter Yoga


It’s infectious, it’s contageous and I’m so not sorry to say it’s addictive.smiley face images

I will be your crazy instructor taking you through the paces in a playful like manner (ok, so you get to be a kid again – Did you know that children  laugh approx 300-400 times/day compared to adults at about 15-20  times/day).

Laughter yoga is a series of laughing exercises and yogic breathing (No, its not yoga and you don’t have to stretch your legs around your elbows).

Anyone can laugh for absolutely no reason (even grumpy old men) as you don’t even need to have a sense of humour. Practiced repeatedly the benefits physically and emotionally are many. Each session is approximately 30 minutes. Wear comfortable very casual loose clothing. $5/session.

So come and experience this revolutionary idea that is sweeping the world. It’s a complete wellbeing workout. What a great way to start your day!!!!

Share the love of laughter with all your friends and pass this information onto anybody you know that may just need a bit of a heave Ho! Ho! Ha!

You’ll laugh it – I mean love it!!! Tee Hee!!!


PS. Please be on time as the beginning is essential. Register from 9.15am

PLEASE NOTE:  Laughter Yoga is only available for CORPORATE/PERSONAL group bookings until May 1st, 2010. Sorry for any inconvenience.

laughter Yoga Cairns

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