My staff and I thoroughly enjoyed the “Empowering the Woman Within” workshop.

Angie gave each and every one of us something to celebrate as women.

We looked at our own gifts and at each other’s and acknowledged and validated that.

The workshop helped us cement work relationships and empowered us as women.

We loved Angie’s gentle tone, easy manner and sense of humor throughout the workshop.

She made us laugh and cry but more than that she made us accept that as women – we are awesome!

Thanks Angie for delivering a fantastic workshop.

Terry Rooke

OSHC Co-ordinator



Angie has transformed my life. The way I view the world and how I interact with it. I’m much more peaceful and on the road to being the person I always wanted to be but couldn’t unlock. Thank you Angie for helping me find my path.



For the Gorgeous Angie,

For all of my adult life, I lived from my head detached from my body.  But in a single session Angie showed me how to reconnect to my body.  With gentleness and skill she guided me to a space where I dropped all thoughts and allowed my body to respond to the magic of her touch and energy.  It was an exhilarating experience, where for the first time I honoured the magnificence of my body as source of information and awareness.  Today, thanks to her skills, I have a beautiful new friend and partner in life.

Angie’s gifts are priceless!

Dr. John Thoma, Cairns


Thank you so much for such a heartfelt call Angie.  You truly are a beautiful soul and I have much to learn from your innocence and guiltlessness and beauty.  I feel so blessed that you took the time to spend with me…I was actually nervous to be in your company because of my feeling of smallness and judgement of myself (ego of course!) and of comparing myself with you.  Love you even more now.

The self enquiry that you did with me has given me a nurturing place to go to to remember who I am…wow I feel so blown away to have been given the opportunity to access that and a tool to empower myself, now I have somewhere to go, a point of reference of remembering my true divine beautiful self…

Now I need someone to call me out when I choose to forget how to show up!!!

Thank you also for all the other tools of wisdom that you shared and I wrote down, I shall refer to them often.

I Am so willing to wake up.  Is this true? YES!  I KNOW there is a better life and way to be.

With so much gratitude and love. Thank you for shining your light!


Sarah 💞😍💕