Intuitive Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching – the Angie Quinn style?

Coaching is a process of uncovering what we already have and know but have forgotten how to access.

It is a coach/client confidential relationship that enables you to experience the process of self discovery through reflection, self analysis, new learnings, behaviours and perspectives, self awareness and self management. This process of transformation will allow you to expand and embrace the real, authentic, truthful YOU helping you to discover who you really are and create what you would love in your life to reach your full potential and be your authentic self.

Features of ‘soulhappy life coaching’ include and explore the following:

     *   Current assessment of ‘what is’ now and ‘where I want to be’

     *   Goal setting/Intentions/Vision

     *   Action

     *   Strategies

     *    Achievable Outcomes

     *   Biology

     *   Remedies and Rituals

     *   Values and Beliefs

     *   Relationships

     *   Boundaries

     *   Life Purpose

     *   Self Love/Emotions/Feelings/Behaviours

     *   SELF – Worth/Esteem/Confidence

     *   The Law of Attraction (what is it and how does it work)

    *   The Art of Allowing

    *   Ego/Identity

    *   Love and Forgiveness

    *   Eliminate Fears

    *   Fast trak to Happiness

   *   Discover your Love Language

A coach will support you and offer guidance and direction on your life path. They will keep you on track, and share in your success of your accomplishments and your challenging times. Learning new tools and techniques, new ways of thinking and new behaviours will ensure you move towards developing self-assurance with a sense of purpose and passion for Life! The many benefits of increased awareness, gaining clarity and insight, better communication with self and others, and the major key to transformation –  taking personal responsibility will help shift you towards being a more confident and empowered human being.

”   ARE   YOU   UP   FOR   IT   “