From the Head to the Heart

August 15th, 2016

It’s one of life’s greatest adventures – the journey from the Head to the Heart!


Its an adventure of the inner kind. It often holds many of the same characteristics of the outer adventure however nothing compares to the ecstasy and heartfelt intimacy of the gold that lies within the depths of this soul/sole journey.


The offerings of the external landscape so enticing to our humanness – the planning, the learning, the knowing , the doing, the creating, the joy, the rush – all essential ingredients but reversed within the internal landscape.. The switch to these opposite traits leaves the human vehicle in the unknown, the undoing, the unlearning, the destroying and un-creating of everything that once was a well-cared for and honoured sacred and safe haven. Letting go and surrendering is key here.


A deep dive into the dark abyss of uncovering and discovering the lies secretly hidden in the beliefs. The old narratives with their well-worn paths and walls so diligently constructed to imprison the hurts, fears, doubts, guilt, judgements and conclusions that have long kept us trapped and stuck. Here also, resting in hardened hearts and traumatized tissues are the sleeping wounds of tales told long ago that no longer serve us in our present moment.


Mirrored by the traits that come with the territory of adventure – courage, persistence, vision, preparation and more importantly experience, it takes the inner virtues of patience, caring and kindness, vulnerability, transparency, intestinal fortitude, willingness, honesty, defenselessness, trust and the ability to stand in the fire and fully embrace these somewhat foreign lands.


On arrival, there is nothing to do but welcome the space with gratitude and choose to no longer abandon yourself. Be in acceptance of ‘what is’ arising and meet with curiosity the vastness of emotions that have long been deserted, now laying dormant in anticipation for their final ceremony. Willingness is all you need to prepare for their allowance. It’s not up to you to decide what they need.


To be seen, to be heard, to be felt. Trust the one who knows. Only the thinking mind requires the narrative for resolution. Once out of the way, it allows space for the natural unraveling of the emotions (energy in motion) to play full out. The storyline hungry for more guilt, shame and unworthiness now is exposed by the light of perception. The purging and cleansing of illusions requires you to be in allowance of their surrender. No more feeding the beast and just like nature shows us when you stop feeding the animals they leave of their own accord.


When you stop giving your power to the demons of the darkness you are left with space to create anew and your only job is to be with the space. This new space is necessary to rewrite and re-create your life and allow the infinite being that you already are to come through without distraction of old outdated human conditioning, thought patterns and unsubstantial truths.


Can you hold the space and be held simultaneously? Patience and a willingness to be in the unknown is absolutely imperative here for the new space to come alive. Invite in vulnerability and innocence to guide you towards what is true for you. Let it connect with you the Being. Let it infuse itself into remembering the perfection of your authentic self. The one love that has always been there. Welcome the deep intimate wholeness of truth and engage only in the present moment of infinite possibility. Expand. Call on the power that is within you that knows what is true for you. The Divine, Source, God, The Universe, Holy Spirit whatever it is for you. Send a prayer of possibility and ask for assistance in calling in your deepest desires and longings. Knowing that you don’t always know your own best interests now is the time to accept and trust ‘Thy will be done”.


These chasmic desires and longings are your souls creation of it’s extraordinary purpose. It knows. Allow your Highest self, the God or Goddess that lives within to be the honoured guest at the head of your Table. Extend your invitation to your inner tribe for this inner adventure – the vulnerable one, the trusting one, the all-knowing one, the see-er – no longer the seeker, the one that’s unashamedly loved as perfect imperfection, the innocent one, the wise one. Meet them fully and join in the intimacy of their arrival. Allow them to guide you through safe passage on the path that has been calling you. Leap with child-like aliveness and explore with curiosity and enthusiasm. Stay close. This juicy aliveness is your authenticity fully embodied.


As you step into this space of heart-centered consciousness allow the wisdom to unfold and swallow you whole in the existence and infiniteness of the life you were born to live. Make a demand of yourself to fully show up beyond the separation, beyond the illusionary unworthiness that never belonged to you. Engage and integrate into this outrageous vastly expansive vulnerable heart of yours and claim the majesty of your very own sovereignty. Honour your original intention and claim your divine birthright. It’s all there waiting where it’s always been. Declare your readiness to the world and give new breath to your return. You are Home. The world needs you now more than ever. Now that’s adventure!

Inhale….Exhale….Inhale….Exhale…Rinse and Repeat

April 29th, 2015

This morning I woke early and decided to go to a 6.30am yoga class. Apart from really feeling awesome about showing up for Yoga for the 3rd day in a row (NB. I’ve only managed 3 sessions all up in 2015 before this) I got the direct insightful message through me to make this session more about focusing on my breath.


This really spoke to me as my body has been exposing a little bit of inflammation lately and so to take my focus of my hurting bits was literally a breath of fresh air – pardon the pun.

Interestingly, my session was much easier than the last few  days and I moved more freely as a result of simply keeping my focus on my breath.

3 things I found by doing this:


One – my breath got longer and slower and deeper

Two – I felt more space in those icky tight tense places

Three – my body automatically went that little bit further without me consciously pushing it.


And 2 more:


+ an internal rhythm found me instead of me finding it

+ I sensed I was more in the flow instead of pushing against it and having an agenda. Which doesn’t mean I didn’t extend myself. I simply did but without the push.

Hmmmm… truly felt like I was receiving something my body had been craving.

It got me thinking on the way home:

Our Breath. The simple act of Inhale, Exhale and inhale again, without thought or action, on our part. It automatically happens. All that is required of us is to acknowledge it and thank it for being our life force.

Is it possible it could be the most natural gift we too often take for granted?

We push it, we pull it and we even hold it back at times. We contract and starve areas of our bodies of this breath that longs to seek its natural home within. We block it with our actions and reactions, our beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve us (did they ever?). This simple yet often unconscious choice feeds our fears right into the bullseye of contraction. Some of us are not even aware of these contractions until we have a massage, or find a place to relax or seek out a coach or therapist that we can give voice to our stuff and hence they can help bring us back into our body.

Yes that’s right, we leave our bodies. We leave our bodies when our nervous systems are unable to hold the tension of our direct experience or thought, etc. We lose safety within and search for a safe house on the outside. These safe houses can be people, places, things, addictions, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, junk food – whatever you choose to ease your pain.

What if we could hold this tension simple by reconnecting with our breath? By taking a moment to be with what is and breathe into that. How would life be different if we were to bring the breath back into our bodies and get back in touch with what is moving within our very being. What would it take to be able to sustain for more than a few minutes the resistance to this and to navigate through into a place of peace within.

If you can do this (it does take conscious effort at first until it doesn’t) you will find YOU again. Actually, there is nothing to find, only to remember the YOU that you have forgotten.

Ahhhh….here I am.!……..Thank you……(signed Me).

With this remembering comes access to the all of you – your intuition, your flow, your inspired actions, your peace and calm, your gratitude, your beauty, your receptivity. The simple act of surrendering to your breath will bring you into the joy that you long to be. Here, you can sit more comfortably with whatever presents itself – the happy and the sad, the light and the dark, the doubt and the knowing, the judgement and the awareness, the beginning and the end – the all of you.

Treasure the art that is breathing.

As in Breath – As in Life.

How you breathe in is how you receive life.

How you breathe out is how you give life.

Ask yourself:

 Am I rapid and shallow?

Am I slow and deep?

Do I give out more than I take in? (you will know this if your ‘out’ breath is longer than your ‘in’ breath)

Do I take big breaths in and breathe shorter breaths out?

Do I sigh a lot?

Do I hold my breathe?


What awareness am I receiving from noticing how I breathe?

Am I able to breathe in for longer than a count of 5?

Am I able to breathe out for longer than a count of 5?

What happens when I consciously breathe v when I allow my breath to breathe me?

What is my natural flow?

These questions will help you get intimate with your breath. After all, the relationship with your breath is the very thing that is keeping you alive. No breathe. No life.

Can you notice it, can you hear it, can you feel it?

Is it screaming to be seen and heard and felt?

What is happening in the space between your breaths?

These are all great questions to help you reflect on your breathing patterns. Your breath is the gateway to silence. Regardless of the chaos around you your breath will always take you to the silence you seek. The quiet that reveals the insights, answers, intuitive guidance is available through your breath.

The final question need not be – Is my breath serving me but how am I serving my breath?

Or even better, ask:

Dearest Breath …….. How can I serve you?

The Fall Into Silence……………by angie quinn

April 25th, 2015


Breathe the space

That Silence offers

The moments in between the nothingness

Breathe the layers that lie below the

Blanket of invisibility.

These layers

That beg to open

To penetrate the veil

And bare the unspoken


Dive deeper, friend

Peel them, Strip them back

Let curiosity be your ears

Each layer imploding sequentially.

The internal domino energy

Exquisitely, innocently, wildly navigating its way

Deep into the revine of absolute



Listen intently

For the urgency of desire

Craved by the deathly quiet

Pleading ‘willingness’ to concede

Asking desperately for intimated permission.

The life force offers another inhalation

To the fall into itself

And it knows

There’s no availability for

Inauthenticity in this space.


This stillness

Ever so gently

Opening the wounds

With surgical accuracy

Exposing raw unfleshed out emotions

The light, the dark,

Shadows illumined by the courageousness

Of yes And

As the journey presents

Resistance and surrender

Both will give way to more of the same.

The latter, longing to lead

Invites further descent and

With sweet abandonment

Arrives, apprehensively hesitant. Still.

The landing tender in its touchdown

Reveals a rainbow of clarity.


The home of Knowing

The birthplace of your senses

The integrated self

Bleeding with the beauty of aliveness

The witness – the diligent observer

Feels ‘held’

Within the sacredness and

Declares the pilgrimage

Worthy ground for

Peace and solitude

All the while the voice of truth

Whispers ever so eloquently

To the Heart

I am the gift of silence

I hear you